What We Do…

Al-Anon is an organization of groups of relatives and friends of alcoholics who gather together to solve their common problem. Members share their experience, strength and hope at Al-Anon group meetings. There are several Al-Anon group meetings each week in the Central and West Central Illinois area. Attend one of these meetings to see if Al-Anon might be right for you. Click on the  Find a Meeting button at the top of the page to find a meeting near you. There is no charge to attend a meeting although we do “pass the basket” for voluntary contributions to cover group expenses.   Also, you don’t need to make an appointment …. just show up at a meeting, and you will receive a friendly welcome.  

Al-Anon groups respect the anonymity of all members and guests. There is no application for membership. You will never be asked for more than your first name. The only requirement for membership is that you have been affected by someone’s drinking.

Even though some of our meetings are held in churches, Al-Anon is not a religious program and does not endorse or promote any particular form of religion. Al-Anon has but one purpose: to help families of alcoholics.